60 minutes | Apr 2, 2021

Better Call Saul Early With Your Wish List and Aspirations

Our guest, Scott Giordano, serves as Senior Counsel for Privacy & Compliance at Spirion, an advisor in rapid identification and protection of sensitive data - focused on multinational data protection and its intersection with technology. In this episode, Scott and Bruce discuss: Privacy and security, which are often mistakenly conflated. Why you need to bring your lawyer in well before the data collection “cake is baked”. The liability differences between a data collecting consumer product and a data collecting business product. How to think through the data sharing contract for your newly digitally transformed product or service. Privacy laws you should be concerned with if you gather consumer data. Why you need to develop a data sharing contract your customer signs before using your digital product or service. Why caps and indemnifications are your data sharing contract’s best friends. Related links you may find useful: Season 2: Episodes and show notes Season 2 book: The Private Equity Digital Operating Partner Season 1: Episodes and show notes Season 1 book: IoT Inc Training: Digital transformation certification
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