12 minutes | Jan 4th 2021

E181: Upside of Fund Investing

This week I’m going to let you in on a little secret… how YOU can invest the same way the super rich do. 👉👉Learn About Our New Waymaker Fund - https://www.vonfinch.com/waymaker


How do the highest income earners and ultra rich invest their wealth into real estate? In this episode I go into this specific strategy and demonstrate how it provides bigger returns, reduces risk and produces much higher consistency of income and outcome in their investing business.


I dive into this, and much more, to show you how YOU can apply this exact same strategy to your business and start seeing those amazing outcomes in your portfolio as well.  


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Let’s get connected!  



1. It’s all about getting connected. Get connected to the top tier operators and people with a track record.

2. Wealthy investors are looking for top tier operators because they’re looking to reduce risk.

3. There’s nothing worse than working with an operator that is learning on your dime. 

4. Another great point about working with top tier operators is that they’re usually very conservitive with their underwriting and trying to overdeliver for their investors. 

5. One of the most important advantages of investing in a fund is that diversification is key. You’re going to be able to invest in multiple properties across multiple markets which is going to lead to a more consistent and predictable outcome. 

6. Another important factor of investing in funds is that you’re able to leverage the power of the group. Which means buying a larger property and reducing risk.

7. One of the best reasons out of all of the above is that you’re able to leverage the operators credit. 

8. Getting connected with these top tier operators can be very tricky if you’re not in the right circles. However, there are firms like us, Von Finch, who have built these connections already and can provide our clients with access. 



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