6 minutes | Nov 23rd 2020

E169: Time For Thanks - Steven Pesavento

As we come to the end of a crazy year I just want to say to ALL of you... THANK YOU!  

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Thank you for supporting the show and helping us grow so much this year. We're very proud that we can provide a community and a place to talk during a time when most of us can't do that in person. I would also like to give thanks to all the investors who have put their trust in me over the years and especially during this challenging year. We've navigated past the fear and will continue to make great returns together!  


This year has been real tough but in some ways it's been great... because it's truly given us the opportunity to slow down. During this period it's allowed us to really stop, focus on what matters most and understand what is truly most important to us.


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1. Thank you for supporting the show and helping us to grow so much this year. 

2. Thank you to the investors who have had faith in me during this challenging year and in the past. We move! 

3. Take an extra moment to thank those around you who have made an impact on your life. 

4. The only way to move forward through grief and loss is through gratitude. 

5. This year has been tough but it's also given us time to stop, realize what we appreciate most, and look toward the future.  



The Passive Investing Playbook - https://theinvestormindset.com/passive



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