16 minutes | Feb 2nd 2021

Why Saying We Don't Seem Like An Introvert Is Rude

Introverts are not as rigid as people think them to be. It is rude to say to people that they don’t look or sound introverted. Introverts like to live within their own bubble and create a world for themselves. This helps them cope with the outside world. Not many people put in the effort to understand introverts but at least they should try not to be rude to them. Introverts have friends and family, and go out, socialize, work, and do everything that extroverts do. It is important to understand that if introverts were not working as hard, half of the world’s population would be doing absolutely nothing. Check out the blog post hereGet Living Off The Hustle in ebook and physical formSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/introvertsbubble)
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