9 minutes | Dec 28, 2020

Making Micro Decisions for Macro Success

Veronica’s journey from where she started to where she is now has been a series of micro-gambles and “knowing” they were the right next step.   Veronica shared a couple of these micro-decisions in a group this week and received a flurry of “that’s really inspiring” responses. So, in this episode, she shares again to hopefully inspire you to make a “knowing” micro-gamble towards YOUR big vision too.     KEY TAKEAWAYS   Taking a short term ‘gamble’ can really pay of long term. Focus on your ultimate goal, you may have to suffer short-term but it will be worth it. For example, Veronica took a lower paying job as she knew the skills would set her up better for her future. Sometimes a set-back actually ends up being the reason you achieve the life you want. Veronica lost her driving license but this meant she was more social online, which she then ended up making money from.   BEST MOMENTS   “If you know in your gut that it feels like the right thing to do, and you trust it, the outcome could be fortune and the good outcome you desire”   “Just do it anyway and see what happens…when your hearts says ‘do this’, trust it”   VALUABLE RESOURCES Reserve Your Place on the next Painless Promo Copy Challenge: https://veronicapullen.co.uk/popc   Access the free resources and find out more about how you can work with Veronica: https://veronicapullen.co.uk/hub    Connect with Veronica on Facebook: https://facebook.com/veronicampullen      ABOUT THE HOST Veronica Pullen is a marketing mentor who teaches introverted business owners how to generate leads and sales through Facebook – without having to force themselves to become an extrovert or pay for advertising.   She has taught her unique Mile-Deep Marketing® method to thousands of introverted business owners, helping them use their introverted traits, strategically and effectively   CONTACT METHOD Connect with Veronica on Facebook: https://facebook.com/veronicampullen See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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