54 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

Visio for everyone

Get ready to take your diagramming skills to the next level! In this episode, Chris and I talk with Mukul Kumar (Senior product manager) and Nishant Kumar (Product manager) from the Visio team at Microsoft. They have some exciting news that’s ‘goodness at no cost’ to a lot of people in Microsoft 365. We'll dig into this and all things Visio – its place in the world of productivity, use cases for beginners to experts, web to desktop, and more. The goal of you finishing this episode is that you'll be fluent on diagramming in your sleep. Click here for this episode's corresponding blog post. Click here for transcript of this episode.  Resources: Mukul Kumar | Twitter | LinkedIn [guest] Nishant Kumar | LinkedIn [guest] Mark Kashman | Twitter [co-host] Chris McNulty | Twitter [co-host] SharePoint | @SharePoint | SharePoint community blog  Visio | @MSVisio | Visio community blog  “Announcing Visio in Microsoft 365​ - Visual collaboration for teams everywhere​” (related Visio announcement blog post) "Recapping Ignite with the five biggest Visio updates" (recent Ignite blog post) Visualize with Visio (video series) Learn more about Microsoft Visio (support.microsoft.com) Microsoft Docs - The home for Microsoft documentation for end users, developers, and IT professionals.  Microsoft Tech Community Home Stay on top of Office 365 changes Events: Microsoft 365 Collaboration Summit (June 8-10, 2021) Microsoft Viva AMA (June 23, 2021) [Within the Microsoft Tech Community] Inspire 2021 (July 14-15, 2021) [virtual] SharePoint Fest Chicago (July 26-30, 2021) Discover and follow other Microsoft podcasts at aka.ms/microsoft/podcasts Follow The Intrazone at aka.ms/TheIntrazone
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