75 minutes | Aug 10, 2021

The gifts of GitHub

GitHub is the collaborative developer community, a place to share and review code, then deploy it to any operating system, any cloud and any device. On this episode, we speak with Martin Woodward, one of the original members who onboarded Microsoft to the open-source world, and Tetsuya Kawahara, a Microsoft MVP expert in Microsoft Lists customization (JSON). We learn how they use GitHub to share their knowledge, connect with other developers, and create the world’s most important technologies. Click here for this episode's companion blog post and links. Click here for transcript of this episode. 11:00 Conversation with Martin Woodward 42:00 Conversation with Tetsuya Kawahara [with English interpreter] 56:15 Events 1:02:15 Conversation with Tetsuya Kawahara [full answers in Japanese] People: Martin Woodward | LinkedIn | Twitter | GitHub [guest] Tetsuya Kawahara てっちゃん (Microsoft MVP) | LinkedIn | Twitter | GitHub [guest] Mark Kashman | Twitter [co-host] Chris McNulty | Twitter [co-host] Resources: SharePoint | @SharePoint | SharePoint community blog  GitHub | @GitHub | LinkedIn | Site GitHub Docs Tetsuya's list formatting samples (GitHub) Microsoft PnP community list formatting samples (GitHub) | Microsoft 365 community (guidance, best practices) Microsoft Lists resource center Microsoft Docs - The home for Microsoft documentation for end users, developers, and IT professionals.  Microsoft Tech Community Home Stay on top of Office 365 changes Events: North American Collaboration Summit (Aug.9-11.2021) [hybrid; Branson, MI and online] "SharePoint, Teams, Lists, Viva, The Intrazone - oh my!" (Aug.10.2021 - online) Adelaide AUS user group meetup Commsverse (Sept.15-16.2021); a Microsoft Teams Community Event) [hybrid: UK - in-person and online] SharePoint Fest DC + dedicated 'Teams Fest' track (Sept.20-24.2021) [in-person] HR Tech Conference 2021 (Sept.28-Oct.1.2021) [in-person] Microsoft Lists workshop [available now on-demand] Follow The Intrazone at aka.ms/TheIntrazone, and discover other Microsoft podcasts: aka.ms/microsoft/podcasts
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