34 minutes | Oct 1, 2019

RECESSION: The Influencer Survival Guide

I read in the newspaper [LOL] that a recession is coming soon. Not to be selfish but all I can wonder is how this is going to affect my selfie game. Obviously that is a joke. But I do believe that the next recession will affect the lives of millions of Americans. It will also affect the content they are consuming online. Your current Instagram feed is filled with travel and consumerism. We see new homes being built and designer goods being bought. These are all signs of a healthy economy where companies are investing in marketing and brand partnerships. But all good things must come to end. Today on the Influencer Husband Podcast we are talking about predictions and effects a recession will have on the content we consume online. If you are an influencer then be sure to tune in for insight into the brighter sides of a trying time. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/instagram-husband/support
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