39 minutes | Oct 15, 2019

How Influencer Husbands Can Be Influencers Too

That moment when your wife asks you to be in an Instagram story. NO WAY! Am I right!? Every Influencer Husband out knows that this is #relatable. But it's not just the Influencer Husbands that struggle with creating content with confidence. Influencers go through the same insecurity and doubt when posting pictures and video of themselves daily. This hesitancy that every content creator feels is what I refer to as "creative inertia" in this podcast. This week's episode is all about discovering the "why" behind you having trouble creating content and then finding strategies to overcome this creators inertia. This one is good for both Influencer Husbands and Influencers alike. Heck, it's probably even good for anyone in the creative field. But my hope is to turn your Influencer Husband's "NO WAY" into a "YAY" when you need them involved.  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/instagram-husband/support
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