44 minutes | May 21, 2021

Corey Bauer: Stumbling Into Purpose

Corey began his 19-year career in mortgage banking as an assistant to a top LO in the Raleigh/Durham Market. After learning the fundamentals from both his sales leaders and individuals in operations, Corey moved into an LO position with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. He spent several years as one of Wells top 10 originators, with 80+ million in personal production in the early 2000’s.  

While building out his own team, Corey found a passion for leadership and in helping others develop their careers. In 2010, Corey started to focus full-time on helping others grow in their careers, and his teams closed out 2020 with $2.4 billion in fundings. Corey attributes any success he has had to serving others to help them achieve their own goals. He enjoys helping Sales and Operations teams accomplish extraordinary things by working together and having fun. Corey recently made the change to help coach, train and develop others outside of Wells Fargo by joining the leadership team at American Security Mortgage, a community of entrepreneurial loan officers and team members.

In his personal life, Corey enjoys time with his wife, India, their two children, Carrington and Lucas and their dog, Dutch.  The local mountains, beaches and just about anywhere outside is where Corey and his family can be found, staying very active.  


In this episode Steve and Corey discuss:

  • Curing or preventing your own confirmation bias 
  • Stumbling into passion, then into purpose
  • Living a “balanced” life 
  • Key components of leadership 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Surround yourself with people that think differently from you to maximize learning and overall effectiveness
  • Live a balanced life of spontaneity and intentionality. Avoid the two extremes of rigidity or chaos. 
  • Earn the trust and honesty of people by building a safe environment and getting to know them more. 


“You need to be working towards helping people achieve something beyond just feeling safe or comfortable. But you gotta start there in order to get people to stick, stay, and move to action” - Corey Bauer


“Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman [Mentioned at around 9:00]


Connect with Corey Bauer:

Website: https://americansecuritymortgage.com/


Connect with Steve and Jason:

LinkedIn: Jason or Steve

Website: Rewire, Inc.: Transformed Thinking 

Email: grow@rewireinc.com



Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla

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