97 minutes | Mar 23, 2020

Part 1: Visa Founder and CEO Dee Hock: One from Many: VISA and the Rise of Chaordic Organisation

Dee Hock is notoriously private. This is a unique multi-part interview which he granted the Innovation Show. It is an honour. Part One of a multi-part miniseries on the life and philosophies of Visa founder and CEO Emeritus Dee Hock. This will run in parallel to the show, which will run as usual. 52 years ago, our guest foresaw and implemented the foundations for the world’s first trillion dollar organisation. Back then, Visa was little more than a set of unorthodox convictions about organisation slowly growing in the mind of a young corporate rebel. Today, according to the Visa 2019 annual report, payments and cash volume for the year was a staggering $11.6 trillion dollars, transactions processed on Visa’s networks totalled $138.3 trillion dollars and the year saw some 3.4 billion Visa cards in operation. He is the man who imagined this reality, who had a once-deemed-impossible vision 52 years ago, a vision which has become a concrete reality today. He is a man who has a different view on what the next 50 years can deliver, but that vision will require a radical shift in mindset for every single one of us. It is such an immense honour to welcome the founder and CEO Emeritus of Visa and author of the pioneering work "The Birth of the Chaordic Age" and its updated version "One from Many: VISA and the Rise of Chaordic Organization", Dee Hock.
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