30 minutes | Apr 8, 2020

Ep. 162 - Lessons Learned from Mergers & Acquisitions - with Dominic O'Connor | Growth & Evolution

This show focuses on how you can steer a team or organization through growth and change, and one common form of growth — explosive growth, in some cases — is when two companies merge or one company acquires another. In these instances, you have to combine not just different platforms or technologies but different groups of people who have different processes, philosophies, and perspectives. So, in this episode, we’re joined by someone who has already gone through a big merger: Dominic O'Connor, the current CTO of EmployStream and formerly of InterFolio, where he led the engineering team from startup to M&A and growth. We learn what the transformation looked like, what he learned as a leader, what went well and, more importantly, what Dominic would do differently if he had to start again today.   Resources: www.dominic-oconnor.com Twitter: twitter.com/dominicoconnor LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dominicoconnor www.employstream.com   Learn more and get the full show notes at: 3PillarGlobal.com
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