50 minutes | May 29, 2020

165. What Got You Here Can’t Get You There: Leading Through Transition with Andrea Goulet | Growth & Evolution

You’ve done a lot of work to get yourself and your business to where you are today. You’ve learned new skills, implemented new systems, and started working with new people — but that’s not necessarily going to get you over the next hurdle. Joining us to talk about what WILL get your organization over its next hurdle is Andrea Goulet, who is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Corgibytes and a prominent thought leader in the technology industry around three ideas: legacy code, communication, and empathy-driven development. Andrea is also the founder of LegacyCode.Rocks and the host of Legacy Code Rocks, a podcast dedicated to changing the way we think about legacy code.   Resources: Andreagoulet.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/andreamgoulet Twitter: twitter.com/andreagoulet Corgibytes.com Take the course: Agile Software Development: Creating an Agile Culture Take the course: Agile Software Development: Remote Teams   Learn more and get the full show notes at: 3PillarGlobal.com
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