39 minutes | Mar 11, 2020

160. Pivoting Towards New Opportunities - with Dan Greene | Transformation Turnaround

We’re continuing our series about transformation and turnaround with an episode focusing on how you can get engineering and the business to better understand each other and better solve problems, including how to deal with some nasty technical debt. Our guest also has some thoughts about microservices, a technical transformation strategy that’s still gaining popularity — but probably shouldn’t be. Joining us is Daniel Greene, VP of Engineering at X-Mode. Dan has 22 years of software development experience with everything from big data analysis to cloud computing, including some time at 3Pillar Global working on product architecture. Dan offers a unique combination of strategic and tactical, and in this episode, he shares some valuable insights learned from tackling real-life transformation problems.   Resources: Xmode.io LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/danielngreene   Learn more and get the full show notes at: 3PillarGlobal.com
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