18 minutes | Jan 29, 2015

Managing New Products Pipeline

Part 1 (of 2-Part) Interview.   Listen in as I talk with Carrie Nauyalis, NPD Solutios Evangelist at Planview. Carrie has vast New Product Development experience and she's going to share her wisdom and tips with us on Product Portfolio Management and how companies can gain tremendous ROI when harnessing their innovation engine and capturing the brilliance of their employees. Learn how to reduce cycle time and drive millions in revenue. Here's some soundbites from the show: People assume ideation is simple Upfront work is critical - are you asking the right question? Are you really innovating, or are you faking it? It's important to do a self-assessment to evaluate where you are and where you are going. Innovation success is a combination of: Process Right Tools Clear Strategy & Focus Right People  
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