15 minutes | May 28, 2015


Join Sandie Glass, President and Founder of InnovationROI as she interviews Mike Michalowicz, Entrepreneur & Business Author (www.mikemichalowicz.com) on The Innovation Cafe to learn why corporations lack the entrepreneurial mindset and how they can bring that needed thinking into their innovation process, as well as the key characteristics of an entrepreneur.     Mike states "There's a big difference between a corporate employee and an entrepreneur. Corporations like to hire marathon runners to be sprinters."     We will discuss a ton of valuable information, including: 1. How the corporate mindset of hiring needs to change 2. How to attract entrepreneurs to your organization 3. Once hired, how organizations need to create "scarcity, limitations and a new rewards system" for innovation success 4. The top characteristics of entrepreneurs 5. Mike's latest entrepreneurial endeavor
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