22 minutes | Dec 4, 2014

009 - Innovating with Industrial Design | Bryan Shova Interview, Kaleidoscope

Join Bryan Shova (Kaleidoscope) and Sandie Glass on The Innovation Cafe to hear about best practices when innovating with industrial design. Bryan states "Know your end user, connect with them, know what their wants and desires are and what's going to connect with them in building a brand."   We will discuss a ton of valuable information, including: 1. How the iconic form creates brand equity 2. The challenges to maintain that equity 3. The ceremonial experience of packaging 4. Why the unison approach to design is the  key to harmony of structure, graphics and identity. 5. The sustainability factor 6. A little history lesson: How Coke achieved their iconic form   Kaleidoscope is a new kind of branding partner. Our roots in design go back two decades.  We believe that brand success requires more than hip design. It requires knowledge of current consumer preference and cultural nuances. The best results derive from a methodology that does three things exceptionally well: Embraces experimentation Ditches the traditional linear design process for an agile, flexible model, one that acknowledges the value of failure to build success Is action centric; using research, strategy, design and prototyping in a concurrent way so that we're always solving the right problem Today we offer big brands a global footprint, with facilities in Chicago, New York, Elland and London.  
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