95 minutes | Oct 22nd 2020

Final 2020 Presidential Debate (Uncut) — Trump v. Biden — October 22, 2020

Surprising far more civil that the last shitshow... adding more to this soon just trying to get the audio up ASAP. Light on substance but far more civil than the first debate  was shocked at how well behave Donald Trump was, ultimately this will have little effect on the voters either Red or Blue, I believe though. I would say that Joe Biden was the winner of that debate though on a Trumpian level Trump did well by staying on topic and civil even if he was playing fast and very loose with the facts (or lack thereof). I really just feel that Biden has a comfortable lead in the polls and there was no October surprise (yet) and Trump seems to be fighting the 2016 election still and not the 2020 campaign. 

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