72 minutes | Sep 19th 2016

034: Alexander Crown: Gemtech

Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, and join the Mongrel Horde on the website! Alexander Crown, Director of Marketing for world-class silencer manufacturer, Gemtech, joins us in this week’s episode.  “Don’t start an argument with someone that buys their ink by the barrels.”  A great reminder to use tact and choose your battles wisely.   Alexander was born and raised outside of Houston, Texas.  He joined the Army as an Airborne Infantryman and deployed to Iraq.  He was severely wounded by an IED in 2007.  After his extensive recovery, he left the Army and went to Boise State in Idaho where he got a degree in Biology.  He immediately started at Gemtech following school via a connection at one of the local gun shops.     Gemtech is the oldest silencer manufacturer in the U.S.  Their roots date back to 1976.  Dr. Phil Dater is a pediatrician turned industry innovator who helped start the company and is still very active today.   Alexander advises newcomers to an organization to become familiar with the company and culture before making suggestions.  “Don’t do it all at once, do it slowly, overtime.”  Alexander reads literature in order to improve and learn more about his job.  He learned a lot about joining a new organization from An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Col. Chris Hadfield.   Alexander relies on humor to make life better.  After being injured in Iraq, Alexander introduced himself to his nurse by saying, “Hi, I’m SPC Crown.  I was recently blown up by an IED and I’m going to be your patient today.”  Humor is a huge part of the culture at Gemtech.   In the FROG, Alexander shares how he overcame the obstacle of dealing with criticism from peers.  “Take the criticism, do some self-reflection, and know next time how you’re going to respond.  Try to think of your pitch from the other person’s perspective.”   In the Triplethreat, Alexander shares a story a