50 minutes | Sep 12th 2016

033: Adam Roth: Aridus Industries

Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, and join the Mongrel Horde on the website! Adam Roth of Aridus Industries reminds us, “It’s not the easy way, it’s the right way.”      Adam grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania, making and modifying things his whole life.  Although he went to college and got a business degree, he wasn't exactly sure where he wanted to go professionally.  Adam began researching gun forums and his interest in firearms was enhanced.   Aridus’ flagship product is the Quick-Detach Carrier (Q-DC).  The receiver is mechanical and the carriers fit into many AR-15-style mag pouches.  “Everything that I’m looking to do is something innovative.” Five years ago, Adam was working in a coal mine on a rotating shift.  His mind would wander and he began thinking about different gear load-outs.  Eventually, he began inventing ways to carry ammo for his shotgun.  From his experience as a coal miner, Adam learned that hook and loop wasn't the most durable solution.  “There has got to be a mechanical solution that solves this problem better.”     In the FROG, Adam explains how a devastating blow to his law enforcement aspirations landed him a job making great money in the coal mine and ultimately birthed his product and company.   Adam tackles the Triplethreat with a lesson on the use of fixtures. In the Dirty Bird, Adam explains how an elbow injury created some difficult circumstances with his coworkers.   Adam educates the Mongrel Horde on the use of Tech Shop!  Check it out!  He also reminds us of the importance of knowing when something is good enough.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.   If Adam could build a facility from scratch, he would streamline all equipment on property within walking distance to his house.  No more commute!