37 minutes | Mar 1st 2021

All in the IBM i Family with James Hodgkinson from Kondex Manufacturing

006 On todays episode, we talk with James Hodgkinson from Kondex Manufacturing.   For James, the IBM i is a family affair - growing up with an extra phone line connected to an AS400 in his bedroom closet.  In his spare time, James enjoys reading, Minecraft and Legos. And he openly admits to being the 5th kid in his house.  The Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo are his true love. James shares with us how his knowledge of the IBM i was passed down from his father Don Tully to him and his brother.  And how he leverages the old with the new and passes his wisdom on to his new hires.  This episode is sponsored by...COMMONhttps://www.common.org/homeMidrange Dynamics https://www.midrangedynamics.com/
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