26 minutes | Sep 1, 2015

The Art of Retargeting Part 2: The Only Marketing Strategy I Use with Facebook Ads

For every $80 – $100 I spend in ads, I make over $1,000! That is some seriously sick ROI if you ask me ;-) In this 2nd part of the Art of Retargeting series, I dive into more of what I do exactly in my businesses and the retargeting strategies I use with Facebook ads. It’s literally what’s driving all my online businesses now and I want to all of the things I do, along with the tools I use to make all this work. You’ll also learn: How I retarget each visitor on my site with specific offers to the specific page they visited What pages on your site you need to start tracking to build that virtual list What pages on your site you need to build a WCA (Website Custom Audience) for How I’m finding these little unknown places that generate leads and sales How one of my most visited tutorials on my site is generating leads and sales How I’m using a free software I created to increase sales The one tool I use to figure out my real ROI How to skip the education process and go directly for the sale What metrics to track to setup your retargeting campaigns What and how to exclude customers and non-customers so they won’t get served certain ads with special promos Strategies for using retargeting with your site, product or service and much, much more … Things mentioned during the show: Image Ad Creator (app I created to easily make my image ads) Improvely (tool that helps figure out my true ROI) Perfect Audience (to expand my ad reach into other networks) Clicky (analytics tools) Appendipity Podcasting Tutorial (top visited page I use for retargeting) SoundCloud mp3 Generator (free app I created) Rick Mulready The FB Advantage course (where I learned everything I know) Thanks for Listening I really appreciate your time and for listening to this episode. Hope you enjoyed it and took a lot out of it. Till next time …Peace and I love ya for free ;-)
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