23 minutes | Aug 23, 2015

The Art of Retargeting Part 1: Strategies That Flat Out Work

Retargeting in itself has become an art form. The simplicity of Facebook retargeting I believe is what makes it so difficult at times. It’s easy to overlook the little things that make it so powerful. Today we’re going to be talking about Facebook, primarily about Retargeting and Pricing for your ads. It’s literally what’s driving my businesses right now! We have Rick Mulready on to talk about retargeting and pricing strategies and why it’s so powerful and so important to any online business. You’ll also learn: The art of retargeting Why retargeting is so vital to any business whether online or offline How retargeting makes for an easier sale How retargeting is the new autoresponder How Facebook builds a virtual list for you Retargeting intervals strategies What pricing budget to start with When to scale or increase your ad spend How to take the education process of a sale with retargeting The right way to ask a question within your ad What Facebook wants you to do with your ads The things that people miss that can make all the difference in your ads The things you should be retargeting The important pages on your site to track of retargeting The only 2 objectives I use and how I use them to split test How I went from spending $200 – $300 a day to less than $10 a day! A tip and call to action giving to me by Rick to improve my ads and much, much more Things mentioned during the show: StrongInsideOut.com – Rick’s wife Amy Clover RickMulready.com The FB Advantage Course The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Pixels (very helpful) Appendipity.com Stats from my Improvely account These are stats from my Improvely account. It’s for Appendipity and it records my true ROI. Facebook as of right now only allows me to track the front end sale, not the backend sales. With Improvely I’m able to do that and know what my true ROI is. I started using Improvely on March 10th of 2015. These stats are from March 10th – August 23rd 2015. Here’s you’ll notice that my revenue is $23,186 with my ad spend only $1,091.97 with a profit of $22,094. Not to bad I’d say ;-) You be the judge ;-) I think Rick looks a little like Jack Coleman from the original hit tv show, Heroes. Rick says he’s gotten Ben Affleck and Ben Stiller, lol. You decide: The Art of Paid Traffic EP 4 Here’s an episode of the Art of Paid Traffic I was interviewed in. It’s about retargeting and it’s highly relevant to this episode so I thought I’d share it with you. Thanks for Listening I really appreciate your time and for listening to this episode. Hope you enjoyed it and took a lot out of it. Till next time …Peace and I love ya for free ;-)
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