49 minutes | Jul 28, 2015

Support for the Sake of Doing Support Is Not Enough

Support for the Sake of Doing Support is Not Enough! You have to go above and beyond. Regular email support just doesn’t cut it anymore. You can’t just do the whole back and forth and one email and that’s it type of thing and expect your business to grow. It just doesn’t work like that anymore. Support now a days is about customer experience. Not just good, but great customer experience. That’s what’s going to give you and fuel that longevity in your business. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. How I do my support and how I handle it and the tools I use. Things you’ll learn: How to turn negative support into a positive support How personalizing support can gain you a raven fan Utilizing FAQ’s the right way and much, much more … Things mentioned during the show: Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity Podcast Edwin Merino (from which I got the short snippet of Chris Cerrone) Rhino Support Help Scout Appendipity Themes Support Videos for Appendipity Favorite Quote: “If you don’t enjoy your customers, then you’re in the wrong business. I don’t care how much money it makes you, you’re not happy making it! – Joey Kissimmee” Thanks for Listening: I really appreciate your time and for listening to this episode. Hope you enjoyed it and took a lot out of it. Till next time …Peace and I love ya for free ;-)
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