31 minutes | Feb 5, 2015

IP 050: On Hiatus – The Future – And Retirement

Finally we’ve made it to episode 50! Man it seems like forever that we’ve been trying to get here …and it has! In this episode I talk about why I’ve been on hiatus from the show and my plans for future of the show. You’ll also learn about my retirement and why I’m retiring from “Internet Marketing”, or at least our version of I.M. ;-) Minor correction: During the show I mention that I founded Appendipity on 2012. It was actually beginning of 2013. Things mentioned during the show: My Retirement Post on JKDC Appendipity John Lee Dumas Frank Kern Amy Porterfield My Interview with Amy Gideon Shalwick My Interview with Gideon Pat Flynn Rick Mulready FB Advantage Course by Rick Mulready Rate and Review the show ;-) Favorite Quote of the Show “The money is NOT in the list …The money is in the VALUE that you provide to your list – Frank Kern” Has the IP Podcast or the IP Blog helped you in any way? I wanted to ask you for a huge favor. If the show has helped, inspired, or motivated you in any way, please leave a brief recording on my speakpipe: https://www.speakpipe.com/joeykissimmee It’s sort of a farewell piece but also I’d like to see if the show has made some kind of difference and impact in the world and that it wasn’t all for nothing ya know. I’ll be adding some of them randomly on the next 10 shows so make sure to say your name and blog or podcast show if you’d like. Thanks to everyone who’s made the show possible and most importantly thank you for listening to me ramble  Looking forward to hearing your audio… Peace and I love you for free ;-)
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