65 minutes | Sep 5, 2013

IP 046: Chase Reeves on Being the Apprentice vs The Expert

Chase Reeves is our guest today. He’s the Creative Director at ThinkTraffic.net and Fizzle.co. The Co-Host of my #1 favorite podcast right now, The Fizzle Show. According to the Enneagram, Chase is a type 7, “The Enthusiast.” This means he gets fired up about anything ;-) Chase and I really dig deep on being the Apprentice vs the Expert when you first start out with this Internet Marketing thing of ours. You’ll also learn about: How Chase got started How he became a partner of Fizzle The mistake Chase made at the beginning The #1 problem Chase believes many beginners have Defining your audience What should you be first, an Apprentice or an Expert The first thing people should focus on first when starting a blog The concept of writing to learn How the development of an entrepreneur is highly overlooked Just being 10 steps ahead can be so valuable What the hardest and most valuable lessons are How Chase gets his son’s gluten free crackers Why we both have a man crush on Corbett Barr Why Chase owes me 25 beers Who out of the 3 at the Fizzle Show is Karl Pilkington ;-) and much, much more Things mentioned during the show: Fizzle.co Fizzle Show ThinkTraffic.net Ice to the Brim Father Apprentice Write to Mean Chase Reeves on twitter Steven Pressfield Scott Dinsmore Rate and Review the show ;-) Chase Reeves on the most shamefully named path to Success (Click here to watch the Most Shamefully Named Path to Success on YouTube) Fizzle Outtakes — Chase’s Productivity Essentials Course (Click here to get Fizzle at a discounted rate) Favorite quote of the show: A blog is basically your obsession plus your point of view.” Thanks for Listening: I really appreciate your time and for listening to this episode. Hope you enjoyed it and took a lot out of it. If you haven’t yet done so can you please just take a moment to leave a quick 5 star rating and honest review of the podcast show over on iTunes by clicking on the link below. Click here to rate and leave a review on iTunes Till next time …Peace and I love ya for free ;-)
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