59 minutes | Jul 24, 2013

IP 042: Stu McLaren of WishList Member on Creating a 7 Figure Business off One WordPress Plugin

Stu McLaren is our guest today. He is the founder of WishList Member. A Plugin that turns your WordPress into a Membership site.

My very first product ever was created using WishList so having Stu here today brings back so many great memories.

Today we’ll be talking about how Stu built a 7 figure business from one wordpress plugin.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How he managed affiliates at the beginning
  • How he was trading time for money …and hated it!
  • How he started WishList Member out of his own frustrations
  • About his first sales
  • How he went from $4k to $20k in a few short months
  • How he lived with his wife while WishList took off
  • How Stu Funds his charity
  • The advice on growing my software business
  • Stu’s best business advice
  • and much, much more

Things mentioned during the show:

Stu McLaren Skydiving

Secret Billionaire The Chuck Feeney Story

Favorite quote of the show:

Grasping the value of a dollar and what that dollar can do to transform lives”

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