28 minutes | Jul 18, 2013

IP 040: Expert Roundup 2 – Who Should You Represent and Why

On our expert Panel today we have Gary Vaynerchuk, John Lee Dumas, Natalie Sisson, Amy Porterfield, Neil Patel, and Nathalie Lussier. In this expert roundup I wanted to cover some of the aspects you need to build a successful online business. The one thing that’s vital to your business! I asked each expert 2 questions: Q1: Who do you Represent? (as far as your audience, readers, customers, etc.) Q2: Do you believe every business owner should know and figure out who they represent, if so, why? It’s important to know exactly who your Ideal Customer is, who you Avatar is, and who your Targeted Audience is. Without this, you don’t have a business. You’ll listen to what each of our experts had to say, their insights and thoughts on these two questions. Expert Roundup Guests: Gary Vaynerchuk John Lee Dumas Amy Porterfield Natalie Sisson Neil Patel Nathalie Lussier Listen to Expert Roundup 1 Leave a Review on iTunes ;-) A Huge Thanks to Our Experts I wanted to thank all of our experts for taking time out of their supper busy schedules and lives to spend just a few minutes with us here on the show. These are people I highly respect and look up to. If you haven’t yet heard of them, please go and check them out. I’m sure you’ll find a ton of value on their blogs as I have. Thank you Experts and I hope to have you back again for another roundup and a one on one session. Thanks for Listening: I really appreciate your time and for listening to this episode. Hope you enjoyed it and took a lot out of it. If you haven’t yet done so can you please just take a moment to leave a quick 5 star rating and honest review of the podcast show over on iTunes by clicking on the link below. Click here to rate and leave a review on iTunes Till next time …Peace and I love ya for free ;-)
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