83 minutes | Sep 20th 2020

Ep. 124: Rodney is back in studio with me.

Show Notes:  Greetings and welcome to ep. 124.  Media production guru Rodney Medina is back on mic and in studio with me.  We talked about social equity and a lot more.     Amazon podcasts.  

Strain of the Week:  Mandarin Glue: The internet says it’s NYC Diesel(mandarin cut) x GG4 or Original Glue depending on who you read. citrus sweet, fruity aroma and taste with some dirty fuel at the end.  Mentally invigorating and a bit racey, a heavy hitter for me at 19%.   Autumn Brands.  

Report from the cannabis front line:  

Will there be a cannabis vote before Covid relife https://www.marijuanamoment.net/house-marijuana-vote-in-question-following-leadership-remarks-but-schedule-hasnt-changed/ 

BCC, CDFA and CDPH announced today the launch of a unified licensing search platform, https://search.cannabis.ca.gov/

Biden wants to decriminalize and keep people in the system   

 Conversations with:  Rodney is on the show and social equity is dead in Oxnard   

Big thanks to: All the artists for letting me use their music.

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The High Line

JHS - Cowboy Lullaby

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