92 minutes | Nov 17th 2020

145: Wired This Way - Jessica Carson Mapping Creative Archetypes And Her Journey To Self Discovery

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Guest Overview 

Jessica Carson, creator, teacher, and author of Wired This Way, a book about Finding Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Well-being as a Creator, is this week's guest.

In this wide ranging episode, we cover Jessica’s early life and development being the perfect combination of her right and left-brained parents. 

Jessica refers to Jungian psychology as a reference point to her adolescent development, and her innate passion and self-imposed pressures and character polarities and the impact that had on friendships and relationships.

She discusses the transformational time of her life working as a social director at a start-up discovering her social fluidity and her empath character. 

Jessica discusses the common characteristics of the empath, the value, and the downsides and need for protection. She explains how this led her to study neuroscience at Georgetown. 

From around 30 min we get into creativity and serendipity. 

We discuss Jessica’s experiences of serendipity, describing herself as a ‘Serendipitor’ and by embracing the synchronicity of life she overcame her dis-ease, distress and angst. 

Jessica explains the different creative archetypes she has mapped in her book Wired this Way, which discusses the light and dark sides of different creators and she then explains the shared ten dimensions of a creator. 

Jessica discusses the dance between creativity and productivity and the deficit of creativity in our ‘hustle culture and the need for creative self-discovery. 

Jessica makes historic references and provides an overview of her six muses she uses as a framework and as a creative and customizable approach to the journey of self-discovery, a tapestry to understand what archetype a person is. 

We discuss happiness, creativity, self-discovery, procrastination, and creative incubation, and creative rebirth in the context of the times we live. 

We also cover education and mental health, innovation, and the importance of diversity in the innovation process. We end by discussing fear and failure. 

I hope you are stimulated by the creative explorations and archetypes of Jessica Carson. 

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