59 minutes | Mar 19th 2020

Intimacy, Technology, and Trauma

Psychologist Rick Raymond shares insights on mindfulness-based-therapies, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the hurdles to intimacy in the age of digital technology.  

*Recorded in the summer of 2019.



  • Rick received his PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2019 after completing his predoctoral internship at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Los Angeles. Although he works with a wide variety of clients, he has gained particular expertise in trauma-focused and mindfulness-based therapies. A former employee of Silicon Valley, Rick's research explores how technology can help lower barriers to effective psychological care, a subject he pursues with both passion and a hearty dose of skepticism. He recently moved to Washington DC to begin his postdoctoral residency. 


  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Controlling for Blindspots in mental health practice
  • Psychology and Spirituality 
  • Human connection in digital age
  • Importance of physical immediacy in relationship
  • Technology's impact on emotional range 
  • Unpleasant emotions as emotional opportunities
  • Productive Mindfulness vs Pointless Rumination
  • The Power of Eye Contact
  • Confronting Fear of Vulnerability
  • Avoiding the Aversive 
  • Exploring your Emotional Range


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