40 minutes | Aug 7th 2019

Every Note Counts

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George Karpasitis shares music from his debut EP The Sounds of Mar Vista and offers insights on the creative process, finding one's voice, and art's place in community-building.



  • George Karpasitis is a Cypriot composer, guitarist and producer currently based in Los Angeles. Apart from writing music for film and video games, he also teaches and performs guitar as a soloist and with his band Runson Willis And The Holy Mountain. He began his musical journey on classical guitar at age 13. His studies continued in London, UK, at both King’s College London and the London Centre of Contemporary Music. In 2014, he attended Berklee College of Music’s new campus in Valencia, Spain, where he completed the Master’s program in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games. Upon completion of his studies, he spent 2 years apprenticing under renowned composers Carlo Siliotto and George Kallis. His most recent work includes writing music for The Immersioneer Project and the award winning ‘Espanomics’ documentary. His debut EP, titled ‘Sounds of Mar Vista’, consists of original compositions for classical guitar and was released in early 2019.  
  • The Sounds of Mar Vista by George Karpasitis
  • LISTEN on:
    • Imitation vs Finding your own voice
    • The Sounds of Mar Vista
    • Playing less but express more
    • Elasticity of Time
    • Songs as Stories and containers of meaning  
    • Dissatisfaction as a driving force of creative refinement
    • Procrastination & The Trap of Perfection
    • Quantized music and the importance of the Human Touch
    • The Elasticity of Time 
    • "It’s all about sharing an experience and not feeling alone on this planet.” - George Karpasitis

Theme Music composed by B.E.N.  http://bit.ly/BENmusic


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