31 minutes | Aug 29th 2018

Conscious Sexuality: The Ultimate Nakedness

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Kelly Sue Milano returns to The Immersioneer Project to share more insights from her explorations in sexual empowerment, intimacy, and conscious partnership. 



  • Sex
  • Epigenetics
  • Sexual energy and trauma
  • Feminine practice and non-linear movement
  • Eva Clay
  • John Wineland
  • Desire and intimacy
  • Sex and Love Addiction (SLA)
  • sexual transcendence / self dissolution / escapism
  • the healing power of conscious sexuality
  • Sexual attraction unlocking emotional vulnerability
  • attachment styles
  • drawing in conscious partnership
  • the good side of ego and sexual desire


ABOUT THE GUEST |  Kelly Sue Milano is a co-owner of the all-female comic book label, HexComix, and the writer of their premiere title HEX11.  She also teaches intuitive writing and is a practitioner at Practical Mystics, an online community that seeks to merge humanness and consciousness.  She also leads the Facebook community Ladies + Gentlemen, an open forum for men and women to discuss topics like sexuality and consent in a safe and respectful way.  


THE IMMERSIONEER PROJECT |  With our political system in disarray, trust in media declining, cultural fractures deepening, and depression rates rising, many of us are turning inward to find some sanity in these chaotic times.  Whether we’re turning to mindfulness, meditation, or mind-expanding substances, our exploration of inner space is advancing rapidly and bringing with it profound questions about the nature of human identity and modern society. Blending insights from psychology, philosophy, science, and spirituality, The Immersioneer Project seeks to supercharge this exploration, hone our shared understanding of inner space, and deepen human dialogue in the process.  Basically, it’s as far from filtered selfies and fake news as you can get.

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