33 minutes | Mar 29th 2021

Men! Let's Talk About Self-Love.

Let's talk about Self-Love, shall we? It's a deep, beautiful, important topic, and one I have dug heavily into in recent months. I believe self-love is the spring from which all good things flow... but I'll let you listen to the episode to learn more about why that is, what it means to me, how I practice self-love, and how I used to practice the opposite of self-love (hint: NOT very self-loving). I mention a book called "Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It" by an amazing man called Kamal Ravikant. Check it out here: https://kamal.blog/book/ I have a VERY limited number of 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching Calls available at a *very* discounted rate. Learn more here: https://israelsmith.com/coaching LINKS: Israel Smith – 1:1 Coaching, Inspiring Blogs, and more Website: https://israelsmith.com Instagram: @israelpsmith Mental Health Support Following are a list of Australian mental health support services, taken from this page: Head to Health (to find digital health resources) Beyond Blue (anyone feeling depressed or anxious) — call 1300 22 4636 or chat online Black Dog Institute (people affected by mood disorders) — online help headspace (online tools for young people) Mensline Australia — call 1300 78 99 78 Lifeline (anyone having a personal crisis) — call 13 11 14 or chat online Here are a few global resource listings: https://checkpointorg.com/global/ https://unitedgmh.org/mental-health-support Affiliate Disclaimer: I occasionally refer programs or products that pay me a commission. You don't pay any extra, but if you choose to buy these products/programs/courses/etc, I may earn money from your purchase. There are a couple of qualifiers here: 1) I operate with Integrity in everything I do, and I don't recommend anything I don't personally use or LOVE. If I'm talking about it, it's because I truly believe in it. 2) Earning affiliate commissions helps me continue producing free content like these podcast, and sharing these messages with people who need to hear them.
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