39 minutes | Oct 24, 2020

016 - Why Ikigai Is The Most Honourable and Rewarding Thing One Can Do

In Japanese Culture, finding your Ikigai is the most honorable and rewarding thing one can do. It’s the key to a long and happy life. So what exactly is Ikigai? The literal translation is “the reason for which one lives”, which does the word justice. Your Ikigai can be your job, your lover, your family, your hobby, or anything else. It’s whatever brings you satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life. If you’ve ever woken up next to someone you truly love, you know the feeling.In this episode of the Ikigai Podcast, Yohei Nakajima shares with us that in order to truly understand the nuances of this word, you must know the different ways in which it’s used. Ikigai is something you can have, feel, search for, or find.
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