51 minutes | Jun 10, 2020

012 - Dr. Dean Fido on the Ikigai-9

In this episode of the Ikigai Podcast, I speak with Dr. Dean Fido on his translation and validation of the Ikigai-9. The Ikigai-9 is a psychometric tool used as a means of measuring Ikigai across the dimensions of:optimistic and positive emotions toward lifeactive and positive attitudes towards one's futureand acknowledgment of the meaning of one's existence.The Ikigai-9 consists of nine items measuring one’s reason for being through dimensions of emotions towards one’s life, attitudes towards one’s future, and the acknowledgment of one’s existence.The Ikigai-9 StatementsI believe that I have some impact on someone.My life is mentally rich and fulfilled.I am interested in many things.I feel that I am contributing to someone or to society.I would like to develop myself.I often feel that I am happy.I think that my existence is needed by something or someone.I would like to learn something new or start something.I have room in my mind.
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