49 minutes | Oct 28th 2020

#67 How to monetize your content with Nikki Webster from Rebel Recipes

If you’ve ever wondered how to move from content creation to making bank with enough money to support your lifestyle, I think you’ll really enjoy the lesson’s that my guest today learned on her journey. Nikki Webster is an award-winning vegan food blogger and now two-time author who has transformed her passion for vegan food into a successful business through content creation.  In our conversation today Nikki shares How she started creating content and learned what resonated most with her audience - while she was still holding down a full-time job How having her blog Rebel Recipes helped her to crystalize her message and find her voice while she was still learning her craft Why it’s not enough to be passionate about content - you need to be aware of the transformation you want to affect in your readers, viewers or listeners How she almost turned down a major styling contract in India because she thought the email was spam How she diversifies her income streams to alleviate the risk from the inevitable peaks and troughs of running an online content business Her publishing journey to her two books and how she went from a good offer to a great offer with her first book proposal How Nikki balances work and self-care and her top tips for aspiring authors, including what to be aware of and how to get started And as always you’ll find all the links and details of today’s show and all the other shows in this series at michellereevescoaching.com/listen     PGqc0U1MY70ke9Ml4RZA
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