58 minutes | Sep 2nd 2020

#64: How to Harness the Power of Storytelling with Nicola J Rowley

Have you heard about the power of storytelling in business but wonder how to use it successfully? If so you’ll love this episode as my guest today shares her tips and waaaaay more. Now, if I was going to bake something with today’s guest as the ingredients, the recipe would be pretty impressive! From discovering her passion for storytelling and presenting at just six years old to reading for Chris Moyles and Sarah Cox on Radio 1, interviewing celebrities on the red carpet on BBC3, heading up PR for three TV channels at UKTV, starting not one but two businesses and writing FOUR successful children’s books, Nicola Rowley’s journey is inspiring for sure. But it also has a single theme running through it: Storytelling. In our interview today, Nicola shares her tips for balancing work and motherhood, the importance of being visible for your audience, how to get started with PR for your business, leading with service rather than selling, and ultimately how to harness your zone of genius in a variety of ways to create multiple income streams and a life you love. You'll find all the links in today's episode at michellereevescoaching.com/listen
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