11 minutes | Aug 19th 2020

#63: Are these 3 psychological drivers holding you back?

Today I want to talk about drivers.  Not the guy behind the wheel of that gorgeous convertible you wish you had in your garage, but three common psychological drivers that can stop you from hitting your biggest goals in your life and work, how to recognize them AND how to stop them from stopping you. When I was first starting out in my coaching business I really struggled with taking time off.  Whenever I booked a day off in my calendar to chill out, I felt a bit anxious. My inner ‘boss’ got all up inside my head saying “You can’t take a day off. You’ve got too much to do!” and I almost canceled. Does that resonate with you? Thankfully I recognized that one of my psychological ‘drivers’ had sprung into action and was trying to hold me back, and I was able to stop it from stopping me take that all-important mental time-out. The thing is, most of us have one or more of these drivers working against us, but we’re usually unaware of them. These drivers create the exact opposite of what we want in our life and work - whether that’s getting more visible in our businesses going live to promote our new offer, launching a podcast or pressing send on that email campaign OR stepping our of our comfort zone in other ways like starting a new hobby or finally committing to that 5k we’ve promised ourselves we’ll train for.  They can damage our feelings, our relationships, our self-esteem, and even our health. And they can wreak havoc with our businesses. But when we recognize the drivers for what they are, that awareness can help us to tame them and lessen their impact. In this episode I’m going to focus on three of those drivers:  the hurry up driver, the be perfect driver, and the be strong driver. LINKS: Start a podcasting to build your brand and promote your business with Practical Podcasting for Beginners - FIND OUT MORE HERE
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