36 minutes | Jul 22nd 2020

#61: From idea to 5k customers in 5 months with James Mulvany

My guest today is James Mulvany, serial entrepreneur and founder of Matchmaker.fm a platform that connects podcasters with potential guests for their shows. Since it’s launch just 5 months ago, Matchmaker.fm has already signed up 5,000 members - an incredible achievement!    In our interview, you’ll hear James’ entrepreneurial journey for sure - including how he started out with his first business at just 16 years old - but you’ll also hear James’ view on the traits you need to have as a business owner, the #1 thing that’s more important than revenue in your business, how he tested the concept for Matchmaker.fm and began building the brand before he actually launched it (a key lesson for all of us launching new things in our businesses) and why James believes that podcasting is THE channel that business owners should be focusing on right now.   Now, I don’t know about you, but I always find it reassuring when I hear that other successful business owners have had to deal with failure in some way and listen out because James definitely spills the beans on one of his biggest failures too.   I really enjoyed chatting with James! And of course, as always, I will share all the links that we mention in this episode on my show notes page at michellereevescoaching.com/listen
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