32 minutes | Jul 29th 2020

The Ongoing History of Law Enforcement, Military and Civil Biometrics with HID's Russ Megonigal

At FindBiometrics we trace the evolution of our dynamic industry as it happens, and with the catalyzing pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic spotlighting the need for biometrics, now is a perfect time to reflect on the past, present, and future of identity. That’s the subject of this special episode of ID Talk, in which podcast host Peter Counter interviews Russ Megonigal, Senior Product Manager of Biometric Hardware at HID Global, about the ongoing history of biometrics and identity. Starting with the origin of biometric matching during the dawn of modern forensics, Megonigal and Counter explore ideas of privacy, trust, and security across the law enforcement, military, and civil identity sectors. To learn more about the topics discussed in this episode visit: https://www.hidglobal.com/citizen-identity