28 minutes | Jun 16, 2021

[#260] Ryan Stewart on Digital Marketing Strategies in Real Estate

Ryan Stewart has been in digital marketing since the beginning of search engine optimization and Google algorithms. He’s a twelve-year veteran who has built marketing agencies from the ground up. At the moment, Ryan is a consultant for B2B marketing campaigns. 


Join Ryan Stewart and host Dan Lesniak as they cover effective approaches to digital marketing, the importance of value-added content, strategies and tactics for using social platforms in the real estate market, and much more! 


Listen in for Dan and Ryan’s thoughts on:


  • Options to market real estate in a digital space
  • Best platforms for budget marketing
  • Monetizing educational-based content
  • Keys for effective and engaging content


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about marketing tactics in real estate!


Quotes to Share


💬 “It's so much more about understanding who the consumer is, who's on the other end, where they're hanging out, where they're spending their time and how they want to be engaged.” 

– Ryan Stewart


💬 “If you don't have the budget to spend on search engine marketing or advertising [...] you're gonna have to look for a more organic way, and TikTok and YouTube are probably the two best opportunities for that." 

– Ryan Stewart 


💬 “When it comes to longer form content, it's got to be something a little bit more education-based, as opposed to just entertainment-based.” 

– Ryan Stewart


💬 "The key to advertising is actually content, setting up ads, it's easy. Facebook's algorithm is so intense, and so good at identifying who your customers are." 

- Ryan Stewart on the importance of content quality


Resources Mentioned

Ryan Stewart’s YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/user/hellomarketic

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