84 minutes | Mar 6, 2017

The Hype Train Podcast – Episode 11b – The Power of the Dark Side

Re-publish with fixed audio. Episode 11 of the Hype Train Podcast is here! We’ve got Jacko back to talk maximum NZ brolaw. We also have the supreme leader himself Jonathan Shorer – the president of MFNZ. We take a trip back to talk about diesel motors in planes!?! along with the upcoming Levin event. We also bust myths on what the MFNZ actually does for the hobby. Tune in have a listen. This episode is sponsored by http://www.quadjunkie.co.nz & http://www.raceflight.net- make sure you listen to the advert for a exclusive discount offers! Show Notes: Rotorcross Events – http://www.rotorcross.co.nz Model Flying New Zealand – http://www.modelflyingnz.org/ Levin Race Track – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqaaACbmmYs FAI – http://www.fai.org/ Hype Train Podcast – Episode 11b
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