88 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

Greg Elfrink - How To Create And Sell Your Own Media Empire

Greg Elfrink is back for another round and he’s been working at Empire Flippers for several years now. This is the first time that he feels with 100% certainty that it’s a seller’s as of the recording of this show. There are so many opportunities now for sellers and a lot of folks have content or media sites, but they may not want to do with them necessarily. On today’s show, we dive into all the possibilities behind both selling and buying businesses, which is the better course of action based on your abilities, why you want to set up your site to be more like a magazine as opposed to a brochure, and what you can expect for a return.   We also talk about various ways to make your site even more attractive to potential buyers, how to rise above the majority of the other affiliate marketing sites out there, and what you need at a minimum level in order to put your site up for sale. When you’re done listening, be sure to check out our previous chat with Greg and our episode with Sergei & Vadim Revzin where they discuss what other things to have in place if you are thinking of starting a business to sell down the road.    “The market is so flushed with cash, there are so many people getting into the space, multiples are being driven up. It’s a great time to be a seller.” - Greg Elfrink   Some Topics We Discussed Include: Why media empires are so valuable right now How to proceed, if you are starting out Why selling a site that has problems with Google may be a good thing Thinking about buying a “smelly site”? It’s not a bad idea! You never want to sell your site based off this one important thing The power of content that a lot of marketers do not understand Check out this hack to find a content manager for your site Medieval swords, soldering equipment and red ovens Beating out Super Bowls ads for audience reach A new business model that you’ve never heard about before in our space   Resources From Greg Elfrink: Empire Flippers.com/capital The Opportunity Podcast EF Capital   References and Links Mentioned: Investor Ivan - and many more investor profiles Are you ready to be EPIC with us?! Then grab our EGP Letter here! Did you know we have an awesome YouTube Channel?  Join the Facebook Community - be sure to hop in our Facebook group to chat with us, our other amazing guests that we’ve had on the show, and fellow entrepreneurs! This episode is sponsored by Easy Webinar - be sure to check out these special deals for our listeners. What Venture Funds Look For In Businesses - Sergei & Vadim Revzin How To Buy and Sell Online Businesses - Gregory Elfrink
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