85 minutes | Feb 18th 2021

Dan Norris - Beer, Branding, And Compound Marketing

We have Dan Norris on the show today, and he’s someone who has accomplished quite a lot, with a somewhat different approach to marketing. He focuses on four core pillars: branding, community, storytelling, and content marketing. In this episode, we do a deep dive into all four of those. After founding WP Curve, which was subsequently sold to GoDaddy, Dan started a new venture, Black Hops Brewing in Australia. You’ll hear Dan discuss how he has created one of the biggest and well-known brands in his country (voted the #1`craft brewery in Australia), all with basically no ad spend.  There’s a similar thread in the way he’s marketed both his WP Curve brand and his craft beer brand, and it all comes down to his concept of Compound Marketing, which is also the basis behind his new book. When you’re done, check out our conversation with Lisa Cherney for more content strategies and how to be real to your audience even if that means being putting off others, and get some advice from Anthony Constantino, who also runs a super fun company that really resonates with his customers. “It helps to take this approach where you’ve got these things compounding behind the scenes without you necessarily having to do a whole lot. I see our competitors buying billboards and doing paid ads and I’m glad we don’t have to do all that.” - Dan Norris   Some Topics We Discussed Include: Taking a bath in beer? (it does wonders for your hair) How to promote a unique beer so that it sells out Why too much advertising can actually a bad thing Drink Dan’s brew and tag us and Dan! Putting together a good story for your brand Why Dan gets so much traction with basically no ad spend Giving up all the information for free! Thinking about collaborations? You’ll wish you’d done it sooner after listening after this Power and momentum behind the flywheel  Creating a powerful brand even before the brewery was even opened   Resources From Dan Norris: BlackHops.com/au   References and Links Mentioned: Compound Marketing The 7 Day Startup The Content Machine SparkToro Are you ready to be EPIC with us?! Then grab our EGP Letter here! Did you know we have an awesome YouTube Channel?  Join the Facebook Community - be sure to hop in our Facebook group to chat with us, our other amazing guests that we’ve had on the show, and fellow entrepreneurs! This episode is sponsored by Easy Webinar - be sure to check out these special deals for our listeners. Culture + Simplicity = Sticker Mule - Anthony Constantino Why Being Yourself Is The Best Business Strategy - Lisa Cherney
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