48 minutes | Feb 20th 2021

BONUS - How To Leverage CLUBHOUSE In Your Marketing (W/ Deb Cole)

We're coming back with another bonus Saturday episode with an expert friend of ours... This time we're talking about Clubhouse... ya know, the semi-exclusive social media network driven by audio. There's a reason why Clubhouse is blowing up and you're hearing everyone from smart marketers to A-list celebrities are using it to connect and share. Our friend Deb Cole wrote the ULTIMATE GUIDE to Clubhouse and we're bringing her here to chat about how to leverage Clubhouse in your marketing. Grab a copy of the new book here: http://Clubhousebook.com​ We'll cover a ton... everywhere from: What is Clubhouse? Why should I be on there? How do I leverage the app to grow my business? How do I get an invite to Clubhouse? How do I get followers? And much more... To watch the livestreams when we do them live, make sure you join the communities... Facebook Group: http://FlowchartGroup.com YouTube Channel: http://HustleAndFlowchart.tv Enjoy!
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