52 minutes | Sep 9, 2020

HSG Ep. 9: Dr. Charlie Miraglia M.D. - Covid-19 Info, Blood and Plasma Donation, and Diet Recommendations

Dr. Charlie Miraglia MD is a Board Certified Clinical Pathologist, Transfusion Medicine Specialist, and healthcare executive. He has over twenty-five years of leadership experience in a variety of clinical and commercial environments including blood centers, hospitals, integrated delivery systems, academic tertiary care centers, and independent laboratories. He has been a consultant for a variety of healthcare companies, and currently on the Board of Versiti(Versity) Blood Center of Indiana. He also serves as a Clinical Education Consultant for Obris Education.  Heidi and Dr. Miraglia talk a bit about Covid-19 and how blood can be be the key to one form of treatment that he has seen work, how important it is (especially now) to donate blood, as well as his ideal diet and recommendations. There is definitely research that can be done to find information on how to safely live on a ketogenic diet, but Dr. Miraglia explains why he thinks we should be cautious when starting any sort of diet or fad diet.  One of the more sustainable diets he actually DOES recommend is the Mediterranean diet - which includes fish, other leaner proteins in moderate amounts, and tons of veggies and fats like extra virgin Olive Oil.   Olive Oil Jones  Code at checkout for 10% off your first order: HUNGRY Versiti Blood Center DONATE BLOOD. SAVE LIVES. 
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