73 minutes | Jul 12, 2020

HSG Ep. 6: Michelle Hurd - Dyslexia, Actor's Secrets, and VEGAN "Shepherd's" Pie

You may recognize Hollywood actress Michelle Hurd from her roles on Star Trek: Picard, Jessica Jones, Daredevil or Law & Order: SVU, just to name a few. Or you may know her from her explosive role as Shepherd on Blindspot, where she and I met! Amidst her surprisingly busy schedule, Michelle took a few hours to chat with me for Episode 6. We covered everything from dyslexia, to her involvement in martial arts (that helped her get out of some trouble during her teen years), to her favorite delicious vegan dishes including her version of – wait for it – “Shepherd’s” Pie (…get it?). She also reveals some exclusive advice EVERY actor needs to hear. Michele is so gracious and an all-around amazing human being, and I know you’ll enjoy listening to her as much as I enjoyed chatting with her. Instagram: @realmichellehurd  Vegan "SHEPHERD'S" Pie Recipe: https://bit.ly/2OpyNGt Jennifer's Way - Cookbook Cachava Shakes  
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