54 minutes | May 24, 2020

HSG Ep. 3: Jennifer Bartels - Pizza, Pasta, Hollywood, Eating Disorders and Diabetes

In this episode, Hollywood actress/comedian/writer/producer/type 1 diabetic Jennifer Bartels has a hold-nothing-back conversation with Heidi about her food cravings and comforts, as well as an in depth look at her new life being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Jennifer dishes some of her biggest challenges with food and dealing with type 1 and how it has changed her life forever. Also, she is funny. Very funny.  BBC Documentary: Diabulimia: The World's Most Dangerous Eating Disorder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSLjM6cZaTo National Eating Disorders Association The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. NEDA supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care. https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helpline
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