93 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

HSG Ep. 13: Dr. Thomas H. Marshburn, M.D.

Find out what it’s like to eat in space - and to poop in space - and SO much more.  Physician and NASA astronaut Dr. Thomas H. Marshburn answers YOUR questions on this episode of The Hungry Stuntgirl.  Dr. Thomas H. Marshburn holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Davidson College, North Carolina; a Masters in Engineering Physics from the University of Virginia; a Doctorate of Medicine from Wake Forest University; and a Masters in Medical Science from the University of Texas Medical Branch. The North Carolina native is a veteran of two spaceflights, STS‐127 and Expedition 34/35. Prior to becoming an astronaut, Dr. Marshburn served as a Flight Surgeon, assigned to Space Shuttle Medical Operations and to the joint U.S./Russian Space Program and eventually became the Medical Operations Lead for the International Space Station. Selected by NASA in May 2004, he completed astronaut candidate training in February 2006. Training included scientific and technical briefings, intensive instruction in shuttle and International Space Station systems, physiological training, T‐38 flight training, and water and wilderness survival training. He completed his first spaceflight in July 2009, logging more than 376 hours in space, and 18 hours and 59 minutes in three spacewalks. He launched to the International Space Station as a Flight Engineer in December 2012. While onboard the station, he logged more than 146 days in space and 5 hours and 30 minutes of spacewalk time in an emergency spacewalk.   And if THAT wasn’t enough to impress the pants off of you, he also happened to backpacked from Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Crest Trail. OFFICIAL NASA INFO ON Dr. Marsburn: https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/atoms/files/marshburn-th.pdf Instagram and twitter: @astromarshburn Discounts from my favorite products: www.pittstonketchup.com - discount code: hungry stuntgirl  www.oliveoiljones.com - discount code: HUNGRY www.eleventhelement.com - go to online store - discount code: heidi10    
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